Janitorial service Lawrence, IN – how a professional cleaner does his work

A facility that needs a janitorial service provider should hire the best one possible in town. Doing so provides an opportunity for cost saving as well as getting quality service results.

Have you ever wondered how a professional cleaner does his cleaning? The steps he follows to assure that he is giving quality service that a good paying client deserves to get?

Janitorial service Lawrence IN how a professional cleaner does his work

A professional janitorial service provider follows these general steps:

  1. Gathers all the equipment and supplies; apart from the cleaning equipment themselves, also brings personal protective gear with such as gloves and goggles.
  2. Checks to see to it that equipment is in good condition; for instance, inspects cords/wires to check that no peel offs are seen before using electrical equipment (a potential hazard — when not checked — as he goes along the cleaning process).
  3. Then starts the cleaning by picking trash on the floor and other areas. Sees to it that he picks only disposable items/trashes, ensuring that other items (that might look like trash at first glance) are not thrown away.
  4. After disposing of trash, then disinfects the trash can, put a bag replacement on it, and place it back to its original place.
  5. Then does the dusting, using microfiber dusting mitts to initiate the dusting process; he follows the recommended dusting technique – from high level down to the bottom level or part of the office.
  6. Proceed to disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, telephones, and light switches.
  7. Then follows the cleaning of the table top and the interior glass.
  8. After disposing all the trashes away and cleaning the office surfaces, proceed to vacuuming the surface/floor to trap the remaining dusts and accumulated dirt.
  9. When the cleaning is done, sees to it that all of the cleaning equipment and tools are kept again to their original places/storage area before leaving.

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