Janitorial Service Beech Grove IN

Quality janitorial service Beech Grove IN

Looking for a quality janitorial service Beech Grove IN? It is a great help when you do a comprehensive assessment of your prospect’s business profile. It increases the chances of hiring a company that delivers top quality cleaning results.

Your prospect should…

  • Carry a general liability insurance, which protects your business in case of cleaner-caused damage to property or injury.
  • Be bonded so that your business is protected in the event a dispute arises; it protects your company in case, for instance, a janitorial service company does not complete the job as agreed.
  • Deploy cleaning technicians that have been background checked so that you are assured of the quality and safety of their janitorial service Beech Grove IN
  • Have a clear and transparent pricing, so that when its quote is compared with that of other service providers, the difference (or the similarity) can easily be spotted, which helps for a more effective decision-making.
  • Have a solid quality control program and it should meet your expectations. How does the janitorial cleaning company keep its standard for quality? This could include a checklist on the type of cleaning solutions used, the protocol followed when cleaning (e.g. janitors should always wear cleaning gear), among others.
  • Be able to give a list of previous and current clients; these clients can provide useful information (feedback) that can be crucial to the decision making process — on whether to hire that particular janitorial service provider or not
  • Be clear on its area of specialization or field of expertise; the prospect can be asked which type of facilities they commonly clean (the area of specialization should match with the type of your business)
  • Be clear if it has a green cleaning option; you should ask this not because it is a trend in the commercial cleaning industry, but because it offers a healthier option for your facility and your employees working within that facility.

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